Every web page is different and your own personal needs may vary. The following is a basic blue print of how site pricing is determined.

Set up fee: (Includes first page) - $500-1500
This includes your sites initial design.

Subsequent Page Cost - $50 to $150
Some pages do not take as long to design and therefore are discounted to pricing that can be as little as $50-$75 per page, while other pages may be priced at closer to $100+

Domain Name: This is your web address. We highly recommend letting us set this up for you.
Initial Setup: $15.00
Cost: $15.00 per year
Hosting: $10.00 per year
Your website will be hosted on our servers.

Business Card Design - $150-$500 setup & design
Printing fees will vary. 250 cards free with setup
Call or email us for pricing on additional cards.

Flyer & Promotional Materials - $150 - $500

Website Maintnence: $25.00 an hour